Some things I can do for you:

Visual Design

I have 5 years agency experience as a visual designer working closely with UX designers and strategists. I understand the interactive design journey from concept to wireframe to dev handoff and QA. I like to use big, bold color and always trying to find opportunities for fun, that delight end user and product owner equally.

Product and Brand Illustration

I’m an illustrator as well as designer. Sometimes a picture just gets the idea across better than 1000 diagrams. Want to show what your concept might look like in the real world to real people? I can sketch that for you! Need some charming spot illustration for your blog or social media, I can do that too! (I can make them move too - keep reading!)

Motion Design

GIFs, motion studies for UI/UX, social media posts! Art direction and production for animation! If it can move I’d love to be your designer/animator. I work in AfterEffects and Photoshop timeline and am currently working on adding C4D to my toolkit.

I'm currently looking for new projects! 

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